Denmark: Power-to-x partnership breaks ground on green ammonia project

With Topsoe, Skovgaard Energy, and Eestas, the Danis Power-to-X cooperation begins construction on a groundbreaking green ammonia project.

Construction on the green ammonia factory in Lemvig, Denmark, has begun under the leadership of Topsoe and its project partners Skovgaard Energy and Vestas.

The facility will be cutting-edge and the first “dynamic green ammonia factory” in the world. To increase cost-effectiveness, the ammonia factory will be directly powered by sustainable energy generated by wind turbines and solar panels.

The partners will work closely together to create the dynamic technology for the green ammonia factory in order to ensure optimal production and accommodate the natural variations in power output from wind turbines and solar panels.

An ammonia synthesis loop will be integrated with wind, sun, and electrolysis to ensure this. Additionally, the production of renewable energy will be directly connected to the national grid so that any excess electricity may be sold to the grid.

Ammonia plant in green

Location: Western Jutland, Denmark, Ramme close to Lemvig.

More than 5,000 tons of green ammonia are produced each year using renewable energy. Through this manufacturing, 8,200 tons of CO2 won’t be released into the sky each year.

50 MW of newly installed solar panels and 12 MW of already-existing V80-2.0 MW Vestas wind turbines provide energy from renewable sources.

In the worldwide endeavor to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives, green ammonia has enormous promise.

It has been emphasized as a better green fuel for shipping, which at the moment represents 2% of all CO2 emissions connected to energy. It can be a crucial component of a more environmentally friendly fertilizer. Ammonia is utilized as fertilizer all over the world, and because it is produced using fossil fuels, it contributes to around 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions.