In an Australian first, APA Group, a leading energy infrastructure company, announced a proposal to test Victoria’s high pressure gas transmission system for the purpose of safely blending hydrogen as part of its submission to the Australian Energy Regulator for a Victorian Transmission System access arrangement (AER).

The purpose of APA’s proposal is to assess Victoria’s transmission system’s suitability for hydrogen blending, as well as any future work required to safely accommodate hydrogen.

“This landmark hydrogen study proposes to assess the Victorian gas transmission network to safely transport hydrogen blends, which could put Victoria in the box seat to achieve the leastcost, fastest, and most efficient transition to a low-carbon future,” APA CEO and Managing Director Rob Wheals said.

“We expect this study to help us identify which parts of the network are suitable for hydrogen blends. “If the study is approved, the project will benefit from APA’s existing pilot project in Western Australia, which is already investigating the conversion of a section of gas pipeline to be 100 per cent hydrogen-ready. “Our work in Western Australia will significantly reduce the costs of the proposed Victorian study as a result of the advancements we have already made in partnership with Future Fuels CRC and the University of Wollongong.”

The APA’s proposed study follows the Australian Energy Ministers’ August 2021 decision to hasten the process of amending the National Gas Law to include hydrogen, biomethane, and other renewable methane gas blends in the national energy regulatory framework.

Nedim Husomanovic

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