Developing liquid hydrogen storage for aircrafts

The Horizon Europe consortium is helping fund the OVERLEAF project, which aims to create a new liquid hydrogen storage tank for emission-free flights.

The goal of the project is to construct a liquid hydrogen storage tank for use in aircraft so that emission-free flight becomes a practical possibility. Aciturri Engineering is leading a team of ten people from six different European nations on this project.

One of the most essential ways to accomplish this in numerous forms of transportation, including air travel, is through the use of propulsion driven by hydrogen. If hydrogen fuel cells were used to power airplanes, we wouldn’t have to worry about releasing any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Although hydrogen gas has been the primary emphasis, and only shorter-distance flights have been demonstrated or tested so far, some hydrogen-powered aircraft are now in testing and demonstration. The ultimate goal is to increase hydrogen storage capacity to meet the demand for heavier fuel during longer flights.