DKK 225M to strengthen Denmark’s power-to-X and hydrogen adventure

With 225 million DKK, the Danish Business Promotion Board aids in the creation of cutting-edge, green technology. The money is allocated to 14 initiatives, all of which advance Denmark’s hydrogen and Power-to-X industries.

Power-to-X (PtX) and hydrogen technology are two of the cutting-edge, environmentally friendly essential technologies of the future, and significant funds are being committed to their development on a global scale.

In March 2022, the government of Denmark and eight parliamentary parties launched a PtX plan to further the country’s growth. The Danish Business Promotion Board is currently making contributions totaling up to DKK 225 million. DKK from the REACT-EU program for 14 specific initiatives that actively advance the PtX and hydrogen sectors.

Simon Kollerup, minister of business and industry: “Our enterprises must also be at the forefront of the green growth initiatives if Denmark is to win the green race. PtX and hydrogen, which have immense promise, are also blazing stars. The numerous projects that Danish businesses, both big and small, have previously participated in support this. I am eager to follow any projects that will increase the number of employment in Denmark and make our planet a richer, greener place.

The 14 new projects’ caliber has pleased Christian Motzfeldt, head of the Danish Business Promotion Board: “The projects are of excellent quality, and it is encouraging that so many businesses have teamed up to create the cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions. Their involvement demonstrates how Danish businesses have truly turned their attention to PtX and hydrogen.

Companies have been allowed to apply for project funding up to 22 April 2022. This has been utilized by several businesses, many of which are part of alliances and groups that also involve educational institutions.

The financed projects span the whole value chain for PtX and hydrogen, including feasibility studies, research and innovation initiatives, test and demonstration plants, plant components (such as electrolysis facilities), storage technologies, and plant by-product recovery.

Topsoe’s electrolysis project Upscaling important Power-to-X SOEC electrolysis solutions, which the Board of Directors supports with up to DKK 88.8 million, is one of the initiatives that advances technology. With a far better efficiency than traditional plants, Topsoe’s electrolysis technology will be developed further with the help of money.

According to Roeland Baan, CEO of Topsoe, there are enormous prospects in PtX technology: “Power-to-X technology will be crucial to the energy transition, and right now, green technology research is gaining significant traction in Europe. Topsoe is prepared to lead and pave the way within Power-to-X with its SOEC technology, which is 30% more efficient and costs less – which is also why we are thrilled to have the trust and support of the Danish Business Promotion Board. to advance the technology and guarantee that we can make it more scalable “aster. “

The Danish Business Promotion Board provides funding for PtX and hydrogen initiatives to smaller businesses that partner with academic institutions. To expand its effective and scalable manufacture of electrodes for alkaline electrolysis, the SME Advanced Surface Plating in Hjbjerg will receive DKK 5.8 million. The initiative, which is being managed by the business in conjunction with the Department of Bio- and Chemical Technology at Aarhus University, presents a chance to establish an electrode development research and development center.

Advanced Surface Plating’s CEO, Lars Pleth Nielsen, explains: “We want to enhance electrode technology to make hydrogen generation more effective and competitive in the future. Long-term, it will lower the cost of green hydrogen. We are making great progress, and the Danish Business Promotion Board’s assistance will enable us to introduce the new technology to the market more quickly.”

Information about the investment support program for cutting-edge, green technology

The Danish Business Promotion Board chose to finance 14 projects with a total of DKK 225 million at its meeting on June 21, 2022. DKK from the REACT-EU program’s investment support program for cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology.

14 projects are now receiving funding after the board received 19 applications. The projects receive between 0.9 and 88.8 million in funding. The projects’ costs and activities must be started no later than the end of August 2023.

The award is a direct result of the government’s strategy for the development and promotion of hydrogen and green fuels (PtX Strategy), which will go into effect in March 2022, and includes a national investment assistance program for environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology.

Facts about hydrogen and Power-to-X

Power-to-X (PtX) technology is used, for instance, to produce green fuels.

The manufacture of green hydrogen, which produces pure oxygen and pure hydrogen by splitting water with electricity from renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind), is at the heart of the PtX and hydrogen industry. Electrolysis is the name of this procedure.

CO2 may be electrolyzed to produce fuels that are climate-neutral, or nitrogen can be electrolyzed to produce green fertilizer. In addition, hydrogen may be utilized as a direct energy source, such as in heavy industrial and heavy transportation, or as a kind of energy storage during times when renewable energy sources are unable to provide enough electricity.