dm hydrogen pilot project in Nuremberg gets green light

The four-year hydrogen dm pilot project in Nuremberg has been given the green light by Bavarian Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger.

Future hydrogen truck deliveries to the dm stores in Nuremberg will be made by the transport and logistics companies Amm Spedition of Nuremberg and the international transport firm DSV.

All of the dm locations in Nuremberg will start receiving four hydrogen-powered Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell trucks in March from the family business Amm Spedition. Every day, a variety of products, including cosmetics, health care products, and infant supplies, are delivered to the chain pharmacies.

The supply chains with the zero-emission trucks are now to be made more environmentally friendly after dm already employs reusable plastic pallets and reusable transport systems and so saves a lot of transport packaging.

The construction of a network of public and private hydrogen filling stations for buses and trucks is being encouraged by the Free State of Bavaria. The development of infrastructure for the production of renewable hydrogen is intended to be hastened by the new Bavarian electrolyser funding scheme.

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