DNV approves Alma Clean Power’s ammonia-fueled SOFC system

DNV gave its approval in principle (AiP) to Alma Clean Power’s design for a 1 MW ammonia-fueled solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system.

It has been determined whether the SOFC system design complies with IMO and DNV class requirements for fuel cell installations. A containerized module with safety features to manage ammonia as fuel is given the AiP.

Depending on the fuel type, Alma Clean Power’s fuel-flexible SOFC systems can reach more than 60% efficiency with little to no emissions. Fuel cells don’t have fuel slip or need to be blended with carbon-based fuels, which would raise emissions, as opposed to combustion engines.

As part of the EU-funded ShipFC project, two modules of the SOFC system that has received AiP approval will be adapted as a 2 MW open-deck installation on the offshore supply vessel Viking Energy. Eidesvik, the vessel’s owner and operator, is under contract with Equinor.

The vessel will be able to run entirely on emission-free, green ammonia for all dynamic positioning activities thanks to the SOFC system’s integration with current dual fuel gensets and a battery pack. Before being installed on Viking Energy, the ammonia fuel cell system for ShipFC will undergo extensive testing at the Energy House in Stord, Norway. This will be the first commercially operating vessel to have an ammonia-powered fuel cell system installed.

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