DNV approves Samsung Heavy Industries’ liquefied hydrogen fuel cell system

DNV has given Samsung Heavy Industries its preliminary approval to construct a liquefied hydrogen fuel cell ship propulsion system.

This time, a way of employing liquid hydrogen and a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) as a ship’s propulsion energy source has been certified as technology. Samsung Heavy Industries developed the system and achieved classification certification through collaborative research with domestic hydrogen-related businesses.

A PEMFC is a fuel cell that runs at a low temperature and is made up of a small system. It uses a polymer membrane as the electrolyte. Since it can start rapidly and maintain good durability even after numerous starts and stops, it is considered suited for use in the mobility industry.

Due to their focus on protecting technology globally and the fact that they produce electricity without emitting any greenhouse gases, fuel cells are being considered as a potential eco-friendly energy source.

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