Dongfeng completes new generation of hydrogen fuel cell

Industry-leading fuel cell technology has been attained by the Dongfeng Hydrogen H4 system. According to what is known, the Dongfeng hydrogen element H130, The One 2 fuel cell system is part of a new generation of fuel cell products for commercial and passenger use that uses a new design platform and has a 130% autonomy and localization rate for its basic components.

Dongfeng has mastered the core technology of independent research and development in the area of 100-kilowatt-class fuel cell power systems. In addition, the system is suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and will primarily be used in medium and large buses, medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks, tractors, and other models.

The H2 The One 130 fuel cell system maximizes system efficiency, load capacity, hydrogen utilization, system insulation, and system output performance with industry-leading key indicators on the basis of maintaining a highly integrated design.

In the area of power, Dongfeng H2’s ONE 130 fuel cell system’s rated power of 130kW reached the highest level of single-reactor systems in the industry’s mid-power category; The average utilization rate of hydrogen is extremely high, the dynamic response rate is superior, controllability and flexibility are excellent, and the parasitic power of each subsystem has achieved an industry-leading level.

Dongfeng has developed three fuel cell system platforms that range in power from 20 to 300 kW and can accommodate a wide variety of passenger and commercial vehicle applications.

The Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat H2e is a full-power fuel cell vehicle that Dongfeng previously developed. It has an 80kW fuel cell system, can start quickly in a minus 30 °C environment, has a cruising range of 3 kilometers in 500 minutes of hydrogenation, and uses just 0.751 kg of hydrogen per 100 kilometers.

In the last five years, Dongfeng has sold around 3500,202 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, made ten announcements about them, and achieved demonstration operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and other cities. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Region will receive the Dongfeng hydrogen boat and Dongfeng fuel cell passenger vehicle to begin demonstration operations.

Dongfeng has produced 70kW and 150kW stacks and 50kW and 80kW hydrogen fuel cell systems, which have been applied to 8-ton, 12-ton, and 18-ton commercial vehicles, and has commenced small-batch demonstration operations at the level of hydrogen fuel cell systems and critical core components.

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