Drenthe on its way to hydrogen

Together with Groningen, Drenthe positions itself as the hydrogen leader in Europe. But if the proportion of students using technology does not increase, this position could be in jeopardy.

In the documentary The State of Drenthe, deputy Tjisse Stelpstra makes this statement. It’s really really bad. To complete this energy transformation, a tremendous number of hands and people are required.

The Northern Netherlands has previously been designated as Europe’s Hydrogen Valley. In the northern Netherlands, there is a green hydrogen chain called Hydrogen Valley. Projects involving hydrogen are included in this.

Thousands of jobs in Drenthe could be lost as soon as the gas is shut off in Groningen. By concentrating on clean energy sources like hydrogen, these can be preserved to some extent. Therefore, Drenthe is interested in creating this renewable energy source.

“Drenthe has always been good with energy,” said Stelpstra. Peat was the first material, followed by oil and then gas. We must take other action. Our DNA contains energy, hence we are currently concentrating on hydrogen. Additionally, this is advantageous for both employment and schooling.


The Northern Netherlands aims to keep its position as a pioneer in environmentally friendly, sustainable hydrogen. There are a lot of jobs, yet nobody is there. This is also seen by Maureen Nederhoed of the Emmen-based installation company Harwig. They struggle to find employees. “In the upcoming years, the outflow will be twice as large as the influx. At MBO, there are not enough registrants. And yet MBO provides amazing careers.

It is necessary to increase the visibility of technical professionals in all facets. Everyone needs to be made aware that the world will soon be without those who are proficient in technology.

Nederhoed claims that we too fail to demonstrate how special Drenthe is. We are now concentrating on tourism as a province, but we can also concentrate on technology. We should develop into the MBO region where you would like to locate your business and where it is enjoyable to live and work.
Wo, hbo, and mbo combined.

And that calls for collaboration. This is located on the brand-new Emmen Greenwise Campus. MBO, HBO, and the university collaborate on this with the business sector, local governments, and the province of Drenthe.

Prejudices vanish thanks to the collaboration between MBO, HBO, and the university. MBO student Ineke Ganzeveld of the Greenwise Campus asserts, “An MBO student is no less than someone who is at hbo.” Everyone possesses a unique gift. It’s just different, not more or less. All three are required.
But the perception that many people have of MBO is not one of “no more or less.” Quinn Lettinga, an MBO student, recognizes that in any circumstance. He chose hydrogen because he is studying automotive engineering. People look up to hboers more than mboers, according to Quinn. The assumption is that since you can learn more effectively, you would immediately be better. However, MBO students have access to many more technical skills.

It is necessary to improve this perception in order to encourage more students to pursue technical MBO education. We can make sure that Drenthe’s energy transition is safe in this way. Deputy Tjisse Stelpstra: “I think it is foolish that we still create that distinction since it is very vital to work. You require hands made of gold because you have golden heads.

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