During test drive hydrogen-powered Toyota goes on fire, literally

Piping in the engine compartment that had become loose while driving due to vibrations was what started the fire.

During a test run for the Super Taikyu Series that will take place the following weekend, a Toyota Corolla race car propelled by liquid hydrogen caught fire. Several parts were harmed. During the race in Suzuka, Japan, the vehicle will be swapped out for a gasoline-powered GR Yaris. Corolla was first spotted on the official test at Fuji Speedway.

Vibration caused pipe loosening

Toyota had previously used gaseous hydrogen in racing vehicles. Liquid hydrogen should also be utilized for the first time. In addition to having a longer range, it also offers the benefit of being simpler to refill.

The engine compartment is where the fire started. The automaker claims that a pipe cracked owing to vibrations and leaked. The heat from the engine caused this to catch fire then. Toyota claims that this means the incident had nothing to do with switching from gaseous to liquid hydrogen and was instead the result of a mechanical mistake.

A sensor picked up on the flames. The engine’s hydrogen feed was abruptly stopped. As a result, the fire was kept from spreading to other parts of the car.

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