The first ten buses equipped with hydrogen technology will hit the road this summer, according to the Düsseldorf-based transportation operator. Ten more are anticipated. The depots will be equipped with filling stations if hydrogen is a success.

The Oerschbachstraße in Holthausen will serve as a temporary hydrogen filling station for the buses. The path will then daily lead to Höherweg by 2026. Municipal utilities in Flingern are constructing a hydrogen filling station right next to the garbage incinerator.

We get energy from the garbage we create. Line 732, which connects Lausward with Vennhauser Allee through Kirchplatz and Hauptbahnhof, is where Rheinbahn originally plans to test the buses. These fuel cell buses, however, are initially a complement to the other brand-new drive type: 25 new electric buses have also been ordered.

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