Dymond Aerospace orders 200 hydrogen fuel cell motors from Duxion

In order to deliver 200 patented eJet motors for use in Dymond Aerospace’s new fleet of 100 unmanned cargo aircraft, Duxion Motors and Dymond Aerospace have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

In accordance with the MOU, Duxion will acquire a total of $500 million CAD and deliver 20 eJet motors annually for ten years beginning in 2026. Each eJet engine will be constructed with Duxion’s unique technology, which includes a rim-driven motor that creatively applies permanent magnet technology to provide an exceptional thrust-to-weight ratio.

The eJet motors for this application will be able to generate 8,000+ pounds of thrust, which is comparable to the thrust generated by the engines of CRJ100 aircraft with 50 seats. Two Duxion eJet motors that are fueled by hydrogen fuel cells will be installed in each of Dymond’s planes.

At Stephenville Dymond International Airport, Duxion will acquire a new 70,000-square-foot hangar space to be used for the integration and installation of eJet motor propulsion systems. Outside of the Dymond cooperation, the new facility is large enough to accommodate eJet motor retrofits for conventional jet fuel aircraft.

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