e1 Marine’s methanol to hydrogen generator receives additional certification

e1 Marine

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) for the M-series methanol to hydrogen generator for marine uses on any vessel type.

Immediately following the AiP from Lloyd’s Register in May 2022, the AiP from the RMI Maritime Administrator provides additional confirmation that e1 Marine’s technology has the potential to become a key player in developing and delivering low-carbon energy to international maritime markets, and is accelerating its development and growth in line with demand.

Robert Schluter, Managing Director at e1 Marine, commented: “The M-series methanol to hydrogen generator is making hydrogen a viable fuel option for the maritime industry for vastly different applications. The AiP letter from the RMI Maritime Administrator is one step forward in our efforts to work with flag states to support vessel decarbonization. Our technology emits zero NOx, SOx and PM emissions which is helping to meet regulation but also assist with the potential for a carbon tax. This technology delivers a proven efficiency gain over legacy internal combustion engines with a more reliable, safer, and greener fuel than traditional marine bunkers and we look forward to demonstrating this in the near future.”

Gary Noonan, Director of Innovation at Ardmore Shipping added: “Shipowners are under pressure to reduce emissions in line with International Maritime Organization (IMO) measures. For Ardmore, the IMO 2030 and 2050 timelines are targets which we are trying to meet and exceed but this means taking innovative and comprehensive strategies to achieve this. When combined with PEM fuel cell technology, the e1 Marine Methanol Reformer costs are comparable with a Tier III generator set. However, it also shows more than a 25% relative improvement when comparing energy efficiencies in typical operation. This helps vessels to improve Carbon Intensity Indicator ratings and can be maximized further when using green methanol.”

David Wamsley, Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the RMI Maritime Administrator said: “It is essential to create the right infrastructure to support sustainable shipping practices and protect marine life and coastal communities. Collaborating on new innovative technologies, like e1Marine’s M-series methanol to hydrogen generator, which will help shipowners explore new options for sustainable shipping, is one way to achieve this goal. Innovative low and zero-carbon energy providers are in a position to transform the shipping industry and we look forward to seeing what progress can be made in the short- and medium-terms.”

Through e1 Marine’s unique hydrogen generation method, fuel cell-grade hydrogen is produced from methanol and water in a safe and cost-effective manner. It can be delivered on-site, on-board, and on-demand, and it gives a path to green energy that is immediately viable.

The fuel cell grade hydrogen output conforms to all applicable ISO requirements and is appropriate for use with fuel cells to generate energy or as a supplement to the normal fuel in a conventional engine.

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