Edda Wind takes delivery of hydrogen-ready SOV Edda Brint

Edda Wind, an offshore wind service vessel company, has received the hydrogen-ready Edda Brint from Astilleros Balenciaga.

The ship is the second one to be delivered as part of a program to build seven new ships. In January 2023, the new Service Operation Vessel (SOV), Edda Brint, will begin a fifteen-year contract with Vestas at the Seagreen Offshore wind farm in Scotland and begin installation of the motion compensated gangway system after leaving the yard in Spain.

In a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) idea, the vessel has been equipped for zero-emission operations using hydrogen as the energy carrier. Since this idea satisfies Edda Wind’s high requirements for endurance, logistical solutions, and safe operation, the company has accepted it. For instance, this method of handling hydrogen on board prevents exposure to the safety issues associated with a number of other alternative fuels.

The Spanish shipyard Astilleros Balenciaga produced the Salt 0358 design and construction number C415 for Edda Brint. The ship has an 18.6 meter beam and is 82.9 meters long. It has separate high-standard cabins that can hold up to 60 passengers.

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