EdP to present first green hydrogen plant at Fidma

The energy company EdP brings the metaverse, or virtual world, to the trade fair for the first time.

It will do so in the metaverse of Decentraland and will premiere, in its pavilion at the fairgrounds, the first green hydrogen generation plant in this virtual world. It will consist of an interactive game with information panels and educational content.

This activity, which will be added to its new corporate image and to the greater lushness of its vertical garden at the fairgrounds, responds to the company’s commitment to innovation, focused on green hydrogen, a key energy vector in the energy transition to decarbonize the economy. It should be noted that EdP has a unique and realistic project to transform its thermal power plants, turning them into strategic sites for renewable energy, storage, flexibility of the electricity system and renewable hydrogen. All of these are also represented in this metaverse.

The game consists of activating an electrolyzer to generate green hydrogen. To do so, players have to capture the renewable energy sources they will encounter in their virtual adventure.

But in the energy pavilion, the new EdP corporate identity will also be on display, while visitors will be able to enjoy the vertical garden, located outside the pavilion, which looks more lush than last year and already has 3,500 plants.