EGA brings new approach to collaboration

Executive Growth Alliance (EGA), founded in Silicon Valley, has put its focus on the development of new ways to resolve challenges through collaboration and shared learning.

EGA is using a different approach from the traditional business to solve challenges that the world leaders are facing in the current market with everything that’s going on with Covid-19.

The peer learning methodology is showing how bringing together global leaders with common goals and needs can make new opportunities and help overcome the crisis that Coronavirus put on the economies and work opportunities.

The peer learning approach consists of EGA members working with a curated group of leaders in different businesses to address similar challenges and develop new opportunities.

The system of circles provides access and connectivity for the members with other peers from anywhere in the world.

This access is very important in the current situation on the market, which is hugely impacted by Covid-19.

The occurrence of Covid-19 has changed the way most people work and live. Now more than ever people are turning to online business and collaboration between them is the key to run a successful business in this environment, since there are no expectations that in the near future the things will get back to normal.

At this time we all have to embrace the things as they are and work on sharing experiences that could help others. EGA’s approach is providing us with that opportunity.

As EGA suggest, it is possible to accept the changes through exploration, collaboration, learning and commitment to action.

This approach could also be helpful in tackling the challenges of climate change. The collaboration between the leaders could help ease the potential future effects of global climate change.

Along with cooperation between the leaders of the companies and upper management, EGA is also emphasizing the importance of inclusion of workforce in the process.

A very important fact in the process is the inclusion of workforce into the changes so they feel valued. The workforce is composed out of different people with different expertise and also a generation gap, which shouldn’t be a downside rather the advantage since each generation adds new perspective to the group.

The collaboration between different age groups in the workforce can attribute to finding new ways of solving different challenges based on the array of experience in the group.

This kind of collaboration also provides leaders with the different perspective on the challenges they face which can help in resolving them faster.

The EGA knowledge sharing approach could help leaders to become ready for all the changes that are on the way simply through collaboration with different parties and collecting their opinions on the matter.

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