Electric, hybrid, and hydrogen car entrance not permitted on Havila Ferries

Havila Kystruten ruled that only fossil fuel-powered cars can be transported on board the company’s ships, in specific ports along the coastline route, after Proactima AS conducted a risk analysis. Therefore, vehicles powered by electricity, hybrids, or hydrogen cannot board.

“This is a pure safety assessment, and the conclusion of the risk analysis shows that the systems and crew we have on board will be able to handle a possible fire in fossil fuel vehicles, but a possible fire in electric, hybrid or hydrogen cars will require efforts. rescue agencies and could put people on board and ships at risk,” Havila Kystruten managing director Bent Martini said.

The firm also decided that private vehicles will only be able to board and disembark at Bergen and Kirkenes, with the exception of service vehicles for crew members doing essential tasks on company ships and emergency vehicles.