Element Resources to build one of California’s biggest green hydrogen production plants

In an effort to create one of California’s biggest green hydrogen production plants, Element Resources intends to construct and run a sizable renewable hydrogen production facility in the City of Lancaster.

Less than 100 miles separate the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach from the project, which is inside Lancaster’s city boundaries and will serve end users in the wider Los Angeles area.

One of the biggest green hydrogen projects in the state, Element Resources’ initial phase will generate 20,000 tons of renewable hydrogen yearly. This building will also serve as one of the Eastside Overlay’s anchor projects, which will house the growing sustainable energy portfolio for the city of Lancaster.

The project, which is planned to start making money in early 2025, will use dedicated solar power to run Element’s electrolyzers and create renewable hydrogen with no emissions. The capacity for producing hydrogen will be boosted to meet the rising demand for clean transportation fuels and clean energy for manufacturing.

In addition to 36 permanent jobs, the project will generate around 250 jobs during the building period.