Emerson, BayoTech to speed up hydrogen distribution around the world


Emerson and BayoTech have agreed to work together to speed up the supply of hydrogen throughout the world.

BayoTech will be able to manufacture hundreds of hydrogen units using Emerson’s sophisticated automation technology, software, and products, allowing it to produce cleaner, lower-cost hydrogen.

“Industries and organizations all across the world are looking for sustainable solutions to tackle their most pressing problems,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “Emerson’s collaboration with BayoTech advances the development and widespread acceptance of hydrogen as a key step toward diversifying our global energy mix.”

The modular hydrogen generating units from BayoTech can create up to 1,000 kilos of hydrogen each day, enough to fuel up to 200 hydrogen fuel cell cars. In comparison to standard reformers, BayoTech’s proprietary method uses less feedstock, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and cheaper hydrogen production costs. BayoTech is utilizing its core technology to create 5-, 10-, and 20-tonne units to satisfy rising hydrogen demand and deliver greater savings. The unmanned, completely autonomous skids will run and be monitored remotely from BayoTech’s Albuquerque, New Mexico headquarters, using Emerson’s programmable logic controller and edge control technology, remote monitoring, and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.

“BayoTech aspires to be the world’s largest distributed hydrogen company,” said Mo Vargas, the company’s CEO. “Emerson’s sophisticated technology is the best fit for our goal of disrupting the centralized hydrogen supply chain with a new, highly efficient model of local autonomous production hubs,” says the company.

“This partnership between BayoTech and Emerson will make hydrogen technology more accessible to more people in more areas across the world,” said BayoTech COO Linh Austin. “As we develop a sustainable – and more inexpensive – global hydrogen supply chain, we are working together to reduce the carbon footprint of countless customers.”

These hydrogen generation units are already in the works and will be installed in BayoGaaSTM hydrogen hubs and at client sites across the United States and around the world. Locally produced hydrogen will be transported to neighboring customers through BayoTech high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment, which can carry three times the amount of hydrogen per trip compared to standard steel tube trailers. Fewer transportation costs, improved driver productivity, and lower carbon emissions are all benefits of bigger payloads.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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