Emfeld bags order for its H2FC lithium system solution

collaboration between aliant battery and loop energy expands
collaboration between aliant battery and loop energy expands

Emfeld Gmbh has chosen Aliant Ultralight Battery to provide its H2FC Lithium System solution for zero-emission power generation on film sets throughout Europe.

H2FC is a high-efficiency and customizable generator that blends Aliant’s lithium battery technology with Loop Energy’s S300 Series hydrogen fuel cell system.

Emfeld will get zero-emission, portable power generators that can constantly generate 22KW AC 3Phase electricity as part of the agreement. Emfeld intends to offer clean and sustainable power to lighting, sound, and other film set equipment until 2023 when the first generator is finished in Q3 2022.

The H2FC system was planned and constructed by Aliant in six months, matching Emfeld’s deadline. This was accomplished by combining Aliant’s own knowledge with its current Loop collaboration. Furthermore, by using Loop’s eFlowTM technology, the generator can provide consistent power at a higher efficiency than competing fuel cell solutions.

Loop’s participation in the Emfeld project stems from a channel relationship with Aliant to develop hydrogen-electric solutions for both stationary and commercial uses. In May 2021, Aliant was admitted to Loop’s Total Customer Care program as a qualified ecosystem partner:

“We are proud to work with this global cooperation between Aliant Battery and Loop Energy using their individual market leading skillsets to develop a breakthrough solution helping to make the world a bit better,” said Emfeld CEO, Mario Bande. “This idea was born when we first came in touch with existing hydrogen fuel cell systems and how they have been used in an inefficient way. This is about to change now, providing green electrical power whenever and wherever it is needed. Our deep tech knowledge and the hands-on attitude is what we think is needed to make a difference and to create a sustainable future for all of us.”

Matteo Fusi, Loop Energy Account Manager EMEA, continued:
“This is yet another important project where Loop’s fuel cell technology can showcase its superior performance in a diverse market,” said Loop Energy Account Manager EMEA, Matteo Fusi. “We are excited to share this news, and the team at Loop looks forward to seeing this combined effort in action on film sets across Europe.”

Aliant Battery CEO, Davide Dal Pozzo stated that:
“It is a pleasure for us to start such a strategic project in very good company: Emfeld and Loop Energy provided us with positive input and helpful indications on the proposal and draft design. We believe Loop Energy will be more and more important for the kind of systems we are aiming at in the next years, since we are always striving to providing our customers with key enabling technologies and Fuel Cells are a big part of this.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Emfeld and Aliant Battery on such an innovative project,” said Loop Energy CCO, George Rubin. “By combining the superior performance of our eFlow technology with Aliant’s efficient lithium battery, we can provide Emfeld with a reliable and zero-emissions system to power a range of stationary applications.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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