Enapter megawatt-class electrolyzer to be delivered to Dutch company

Through its sales and integration partner Adsensys, Enapter has received a new order for the delivery of an AEM Multicore.

A Dutch energy business will receive the megawatt-class electrolyser from Enapter in the fourth quarter of 2023 from Adsensys.

The energy company has a sizable number of retail stations and provides fuel to B2B customers. Its objective is to establish a network of hydrogen refueling stations, complete with its own green hydrogen production. The AEM Multicore is being fully integrated at a hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands by Adsensys, an ongoing project partner of Enapter. A hydrogen CHP plant for a residential complex in Rozenburg, the Netherlands, was previously implemented by Adsensys.

An affordable replacement for conventional megawatt-class electrolysers is the AEM Multicore. This electrolyser has a daily output capacity of about 450 kilos of green hydrogen. It is also conceivable to generate green hydrogen on an industrial scale in the multi-megawatt range by using many AEM Multicores running in tandem.

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