ENERCON to supply turbines for Auzay onshore wind project


Energy Vendée, a French wpd project company, has reported that ENERCON will supply the turbines for the Auzay onshore wind project.

The Auzay project is located in the municipality of Auchay sur Vendée, Département Vendée, in the Pays de la Loire region of north-west France. Nine Enercon E-138 EP3-type wind turbines (WTG) with a total capacity of nearly 36 MW are to be installed here.

At the end of 2017, wpd was awarded the project contract in the first French tendering round. Originally the new tenders launched at the time were planned for two rounds of 500 MW each and a total of 3.000 MW per year.

In France at the time, the lively participation in that first round of tenders and the resulting average price of €65.4 / MWh for 20 years was seen as a clear sign of the competitiveness of wind energy compared with the predominant nuclear energy.

Accordingly, wpd’s Auzay project makes a significant contribution to the French energy transition.

The next step in the realization process for the wind farm was taken with the signing of the contract to supply the turbines. The first turbines will already be installed in October according to the schedule, with the result that the first WTGs can be expected to be commissioned as early as this December.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of the teams and partners, the planning is on target. It is good to be able to rely on proven cooperations especially in challenging times”.

Lars Müller, head of equipment acquisition wind at wpd. 

“We are pleased by the trust that wpd has placed in our turbine technology and in us as a company. Together, we want to further promote the energy turnaround in Europe.”

Thomas Hähnel, key account wpd in ENERCON sales.
Nedim Husomanovic

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