Energy Group and Hynfra join forces on €22B Polish green hydrogen project

On the basis of large-scale RES in Poland, Energy Group and Hynfra are beginning their collaboration on projects including the production of hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol. The project is expected to cost more than 22 billion euros.

The agreement states that Hynfra will be in charge of ensuring the integration of technological solutions and the implementation of plants for the production and distribution of renewable hydrogen, ammonia, or methanol based on RES energy, while Energy Group will be in charge of site acquisition, development, and preparation for RES plants.

Energy Group owns a 100% ownership in MG Green Energy, the top developer of solar projects in Poland at the moment and a player in the RES market for the past ten years. Photovoltaic farms are being constructed in their entirety by MGGE. It serves as a consultant and middleman in the development and selling of finished PV projects. The company has so far completed projects totaling over 1,156 MW, earning it recognition from the Institute for Renewable Energy (Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej) as having a 36.9% market share in PV. At the moment, MGGE is working on large-scale projects totaling roughly 7,000 MW.

Hynfra is a technology integrator that promotes full decarbonization and the transition to renewable energies. For the creation and utilization of renewable hydrogen, its derivatives, green energy, and renewable heat sources, it designs and develops facilities. The four pillars that support Hynfra’s portfolio are energy storage, ammonia, industrial, and municipal.