Puglia accelerates on hydrogen

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Puglia is accelerating on the path toward a hydrogen hub. A public notice has been published to identify the experts who will form the Regional Observatory that will have the task of monitoring and analyzing data related to the hydrogen supply chain, and provide support in the definition of regional planning in order to link the initiatives promoted and more effectively incentivize the economy based on hydrogen produced from renewable sources.

“In the path of energy transition and decarbonization,” said Economic Development Councillor Alessandro Delli Noci, “hydrogen plays a fundamental role both in ensuring the achievement of Agenda 2030 commitments and in making the country energy independent. In this challenge in which Puglia plays a leading role at the national level, we believe it is essential to strengthen shared modes of intervention, based on the involvement of territories and networks of strategic players. This will allow us to improve the effectiveness of decisions and unlock decision-making processes to the benefit of the territories.” Among the components to be identified, eight profiles are selected by public notice.

Nedim Husomanovic

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