Enerjisa Üretim started green hydrogen production


Emre Erdoan, Enerjisa Production’s Deputy General Manager for Operations and Techniques, announced that the company invested 200 000 euros in a hydrogen production and storage project in Bandrma Energy Base as a pilot project and began to produce green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen generation at Bandrma Energy Base was launched by Enerjisa Üretim. The Bandrma 2 Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant’s cooling operations will employ the green hydrogen that will be produced as part of the project, which was put into action with a 200k euro investment.

According to Enerjisa Production’s Deputy General Manager for Operations and Techniques Emre Erdoan, who provided details on the investment, green hydrogen created utilizing renewable energy sources would play a significant role in the world’s energy supply as of 2025.

Adding that many investments have been made in this area and that many sectors, particularly the energy sector, use sustainable energy sources for decarbonization, Erdoan said, “We have established a production and storage facility in our own facility with an investment of €200,000 for green hydrogen production. The South Marmara Development Agency, Enerjisa Üretim, Eti Maden, TÜBTAK MAM, and Aspilsan Energy signed the collaboration protocol for the green hydrogen facility that is intended to be developed in our city. In order to decarbonize businesses and combat climate change and global warming, there will be an increase in the demand for and usage of hydrogen globally. Additionally, projections show that Turkey will be able to export 1.9 million tons of hydrogen by 2050. said he.

Export is a priority

Erdoan said: “There are green hydrogen exports to the EU, and there is a quest for collaboration in the business. The ‘Hydrogen Coast Platform’ activities are ongoing in the Southern Marmara Region, and the Bandrma Region offers numerous advantages for producing green hydrogen. The Hydrogen Valley Projects are becoming more significant in the context of the Green Deal. Bandrma, the Northern Aegean, and the entire Aegean Region are rich in renewable energy. Our decision to produce green hydrogen in the Bandrma region was influenced by the presence of running renewable energy facilities there as well as the area’s accessibility to water resources. We picked this area because we can produce big amounts of hydrogen in the future and because we are close to enterprises that will need it. The modest to medium-sized iron and steel sector and fertilizer companies that utilize ammonia and hydrogen are additional advantages of the area. We are surrounded by several OIZs, and Marmara OIZ is beginning its construction. Once more, when higher hydrogen capacity is attained, the fact that the petrochemical plants are confined to a 200-kilometer radius will work in our favor. The presence of port infrastructure in this area is advantageous for exporting hydrogen. At Enerjisa Production Bandrma Energy Base, we furthermore hold a port operating license. Additionally, our plant is crossed by the natural gas pipeline from Greece. These are a few of the solutions we are looking into for the future in order to swiftly and efficiently export green hydrogen to Europe.

According to Erdoan, the primary purpose of the pilot project they conducted for the generation of green hydrogen was to gather comprehensive data regarding the company’s sustainability objectives as well as the process’s feasibility studies.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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