Enerjisa Üretim to export green hydrogen produced from Sea of ​​Marmara

A green hydrogen platform was established with the help of the Southern Marmara Development Agency and included Enerjisa Üretim, TÜBTAK MAM, Eti Maden, and Aspilsan. At Enerjisa Üretim’s Bandrma Energy Base, the first environmentally friendly hydrogen production and storage facility in Turkey was placed into service.

Electrolysis of Marmara Sea water and power generated from renewable energy sources are used to create green hydrogen.

At Bandrma Energy Base, Enerjisa Üretim uses the hydrogen it generates in the first stage for its own need. Future plans call for providing a specific amount of fuel to the natural gas-powered turbines. In the following phase, green hydrogen is intended to supply the energy requirements of the industrial facilities in Bandrma and its environs. Hydrogen is produced using seawater. Resources for drinking water are safeguarded in this way.

Enerjisa Üretim intends to export renewable energy sources from Turkey by offering green hydrogen for sale overseas. Additionally, it aims to produce and export green ammonia from hydrogen.

According to Erdoan, the focus will be on Northern European nations, particularly Norway and Denmark, where laws addressing environmental sensitivity have been swiftly enacted.

Due to climate change, efforts to prevent global warming, and corporate goals of having zero carbon emissions, there is a rising need for renewable energy. focusing on green hydrogen in order to satisfy demand. One of the key factors making hydrogen one of the energy sources of the future is the fact that it can be employed in both industrial and transportation settings. Turkey’s capacity to export hydrogen is estimated to be 1.9 million tons by 2050. Enerjisa Üretim developed Turkey’s first green hydrogen facility at Bandrma Energy Base with this objective in mind.