Enertrag to build hydrogen plant at PCK oil refinery site in Schwedt

On the site of the PCK oil refinery in Schwedt, the Brandenburg energy business Enertrag is moving forward with its plans to construct a hydrogen factory.

With PCK, it has been agreed to create a concept for a green hydrogen plant by the first quarter of 2023. The refinery itself, as well as transportation and other industries like steel, should be able to run on renewable energy sources.

The PCK refinery, which employs around 1,200 people, will stop relying on Russian oil. Background: On January 1st, an oil embargo against Russia due of the conflict in the Ukraine will go into effect. On the PCK location, Enertrag will be able to build its first hydrogen production sub-plant. Additionally, the city is getting ready to launch a structural development firm.

Verbio, a corporation with its headquarters in Leipzig, is very interested in investing in PCK. The company is situated on the refinery site in Schwedt and generates biofuels including ethanol and methane.

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