Enertrag to make green hydrogen with sustainable energy sources

Enertrag seeks to locally generate hydrogen using sustainable energy sources. The company uses a PEM electrolyser with a 10 MW output in the initial stage of expansion for this purpose.

Two tons of hydrogen each day should be produced in this way. According to Enertrag, it’s feasible that more green hydrogen may be generated in the future for use in the industrial sector.

It is best to run the electrolyser “systematically” to account for variations in the supply of wind and solar energy. Enertrag aims to feed into an Ontras-run hydrogen pipeline in the medium term as well.

Enertrag has recently finalized a contract for the compression, storage, and filling of green hydrogen with the businesses Streicher Anlagenbau and Neuman & Esser. The technical and financial project management, system planning, and trade coordination are all the responsibility of Streicher Anlagenbau. Streicher is in charge of finishing the pipeline, storage, and system during implementation.

Neuman & Esser made the compressors. Streicher should receive assistance from the vendor with system integration as well. There will be a total of eight diaphragm compressors used.

For feeding into the natural gas system, four of them have to compress 90 kg of hydrogen per hour to 121 bar. To fill trailers, four additional compressors compress 45 kg of hydrogen per hour in two stages to 501 bar.

Green hydrogen is now the sole technology that offers CO2-neutral production for a number of industrial applications. The steel business is one example of this. Hamburg is to become the site of a demonstration plant for this.

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