Engie and Stellantis join forces on hydrogen charging stations

Engie, which produces green hydrogen, and Stellantis, which produces hydrogen versions of its Peugeot and Citroen automobiles, teamed up to develop hydrogen charging stations.

Engie will extend an offer to the manufacturer’s principal clients that includes the creation of hydrogen recharging stations “tailored to the size of their fleet” and conveniently located near their base of operations and fuel supply.

This is a crucial step in meeting the needs of Stellantis clients who are searching for a low-emission engine to enable them to drive their vans into urban areas, according to Richard Meyer, director of Stellantis LCV strategy.

The two organizations are attempting to resolve a very specific issue for the deployment of the new mobility energies with this offer. Stellantis and Engie then make the simultaneous offer to sell both the car and the charging station.

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