Toufik Hakkar, CEO of Sonatrach, and Alessandro Puliti, General Manager of Eni-Natural Resources, met in Algiers to evaluate Eni’s efforts in the country.

Sonatrach and Eni have decided to expand their technological cooperation, expanding on the Memorandum of Understanding inked in March in Milan, with a particular emphasis on hydrogen generation. A road plan was developed for the collaborative evaluation of the technical and commercial viability of a pilot project to make hydrogen using renewable energy (solar and wind). Additionally, to save the country’s water resources, the use of water produced by oil fields will be examined for the electrolysis processes required for hydrogen production, which will be adequately handled in dedicated plants.

The two companies reaffirmed their commitment to accelerating collaboration in order to achieve the shared aim of decreasing the carbon impact of their respective operations. The current projects are focused at increasing the energy efficiency of processes, electrifying treatment plants, reducing fugitive methane emissions, and concurrently developing new zero-emission energy solutions.

Since 1981, Eni has had a presence in Algeria. Eni is the largest multinational business in the country, with an equity output of 90,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Nedim Husomanovic

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