Estonia wants to launch hydrogen value chain

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Estonia will soon kick off its Hydrogen Valley Estonia project, which aims to establish a nationwide hydrogen value chain within six years to accelerate the energy transition and improve energy independence.

Under the motto “going from zero to green”, Hydrogen Valley Estonia is a joint project between three regions, a university and five of the country’s largest energy and industrial companies.

Currently, Hydrogen Valley Estonia is said to have about 30 projects under development.

According to a press release issued by the Tartu city government, hydrogen production will first be developed in six of the country’s regions. The hydrogen will be used to power public transport, heavy-duty vehicles, rail, shipping, aviation and other modes of transportation. The goal is also to use it for heating in the built environment.

“Hydrogen Valley Estonia aims to be the focal point for the systematic development of the hydrogen economy in Estonia. Without this, Estonia has no prospect of becoming green and energy independent,” Petrus Postma, secretary of the steering group, told the Estonian news agency (ERR News).

A strategy and governance for Hydrogen Valley Estonia will be presented in September, as well as an application for EU funds to be an integral part of a large-scale Hydrogen Valley along the North Sea and Baltic coast.

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