Everfuel Sweden AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Everfuel A/S, and OKQ8 have engaged into a cooperation agreement to jointly expand Sweden’s green hydrogen market by building a network of zero-emission hydrogen stations in conjunction with current and future OKQ8 service stations.

The hydrogen station network will be concentrated in high-traffic areas to serve intensive and heavy-duty clients, but will also be accessible to passenger vehicles. The network will initially cover Stockholm, Malmoe, and Gothenburg. The collaboration’s goal is to jumpstart Sweden’s green hydrogen rollout and enable customers to migrate from fossil to green fuels. OKQ8 is a market leader in Sweden with over 400 service stations, while Everfuel is extending its European manufacturing, distribution, and hydrogen fueling station network.

“We need strong partners like OKQ8 to drive transition to zero-emission mobility. Their leading position in Sweden and extensive service station network is highly complementary to our expertise in safe and efficient production, distribution and filling of green hydrogen to end-users,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel. “Our cooperation will increase the availability of green hydrogen as a fuel for mobility, which is a prerequisite for a decarbonized society.”

“We want to help all our customers transition and hydrogen represents an exciting future alternative and is an important step for Sweden to reach its climate objectives. A strong partnership is required to enable development of the hydrogen market in Sweden and Everfuel has extensive knowledge and experience within this area,” says Karin Hellgren, Head of Communications of OKQ8.

Everfuel will be responsible for operating the H2 stations and supplying the green hydrogen at each location. The parties share an objective to have ten joint sites operational by 2024 and will work collaboratively to recruit lead customers to enable each station’s development. The parties are nearing completion of the roll-out in various places and will offer additional information as the process unfolds.

The collaboration with OKQ8 is part of Everfuel’s H2 station roll-out ambition for Sweden, which was revealed in April. Everfuel plans to open up to 15 strategically located fuelling stations in Sweden by the end of 2023, the majority of which will be located alongside OKQ8. The Swedish network is part of the company’s Scandinavian fueling plan for trucks, buses, and autos that connects Sweden, Norway, and Denmark’s major traffic corridors.

Nedim Husomanovic

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