EverWind Fuels signs MoU to Power its Green Hydrogen Hub in Nova Scotia

In response to the Province of Nova Scotia’s request for applications (RFA), EverWind Fuels Company was successful in starting the process to lease Crown Land for its multi-phase green hydrogen hub development project at Point Tupper.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed with EverWind and the Province of Nova Scotia regarding the procedure for EverWind to solely apply for and be granted a lease of the Crown Land covered by the MOU. An onshore wind production capacity of about two gigawatts is anticipated to be developed on such Crown Land. By 2026, EverWind will be able to produce 1 million tonnes of green ammonia annually thanks to the planned onshore wind farm.

“The MOU for the leasing of Crown Land for onshore wind farm development is a key step forward for EverWind to create gigawatt-scale green hydrogen and ammonia generation,” said Trent Vichie, CEO of EverWind. The Honourable Tim Houston and Minister Tory Rushton have put their faith in our team to deliver this once-in-a-generation opportunity for Nova Scotia to become a pioneer in green energy, and we are grateful for their support. We appreciate them for driving an accelerated procedure for acquiring Crown Land leases. As we work to establish a new worldwide market for green energy, we recognize the need for speed and decisive action and value the Province’s commitment to a fair and equal approach.

The majority of the Crown Land covered by the MOU is situated within the Guysborough Municipality. EverWind is currently reworking its suggested wind farm development plan and will make those proposed plans available to the public in the upcoming months. The approval process and construction of the wind farm will adhere to all environmental assessment regulations set forth by Nova Scotia, including extensive effects studies and analyses, as well as meaningful public, stakeholder, and rightsholder engagement before an environmental assessment is submitted.

“EverWind is dedicated to transparency and openness. To create a sustainable project that meets the Municipality of the District of Guysborough’s strategic development goals and takes into account the preferences of locals, we look forward to cooperating closely with them, said Vichie.

The announcement was welcomed by Vernon Pitts, Warden of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. “Almost a year ago, EverWind started talking with the municipality and has continuously supplied information about their goals. The MODG is eager to fully comprehend EverWind’s goals and how they will contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the Province of Nova Scotia and our communities.

With the corporate entities of the First Nations of Paqtnkek (Bayside Corporate), Membertou, and Potlotek, EverWind is pleased to share this RFA achievement.

CEO of Paqtnkek’s Bayside Development, Rose Paul, emphasized the announcement’s importance in fostering economic reconciliation. “Mi’kmaw people have been excluded from taking part in and profiting from the economic development of our natural riches for millennia. The opportunity presented by this project allows us to realize the goals of our grandparents.

“Our efforts to become an independent nation will advance through economic reconciliation through significant partnerships in the development of our natural riches, ensuring prosperity for future generations. In order to give our First Nation energy sovereignty, we are enforcing our treaty rights to this property.

CEO of Membertou Chief Terry Paul stressed the value of incorporating good environmental practices into the project’s development. “The Mi’kmaw have taken care of this territory since the beginning of time. EverWind understood from the start that two-eyed vision techniques should inform this endeavor. To create a project that upholds the Mi’kmaw values of preserving and safeguarding the environment while balancing the needs of people and nature, we are collaborating with them.

Potlotek First Nation Chief Wilbert Marshall expressed the joy of his community in taking part in the initiative. At the EverWind plant in Richmond County, this wind farm will produce green hydrogen. Potlotek is happy to be a partner in a project that will boost the local economy while also directly benefiting our neighborhood.

EverWind is eager to carry on with its accelerated development schedule in order to provide Nova Scotia with a top-tier green energy project. EverWind’s project, as a global first-mover, is anticipated to generate thousands of jobs for the area and draw significant ancillary business and intellectual property. Substantial potential for Canada to continue aiding its European partners in the switch to green energy and the ambitious decarbonization goals adds to the positive economic impact.

Cape Breton-Canso Member of Parliament Mike Kelloway is pleased to see the area take the lead in the net-zero transition. “This project supports the pledges made by our federal government to act to combat climate change. The Quad Counties have the resources—land, infrastructure, educational facilities, and most importantly—skilled labor—to collaborate with EverWind and become pioneers in the transition to clean industries and clean technologies on a provincial, national, and international scale.