Extremadura joins green hydrogen race

Guillermo Fernández Vara’s protocol with Enagás appears to have started Extremadura’s green hydrogen race.

Thus, to promote the pipeline network that would span the region from south to north within one of the big corridors envisaged to supply green hydrogen to Spain and Europe. It is the future energy and the way to decarbonization in ten years.

Vara said his government will “expedite documentation so that these two axes of hydrogen in Spain become a reality” based on the MoU and the “brave” legal framework.

In the wake of the Ukraine war, the memorandum will develop renewable hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure in Extremadura.

13.8% of Spain’s pipelines pass through Extremadura.
The first Spanish hydrogen trunk network axes comprise a 420-kilometer pipeline that follows the Vía de la Plata via Extremadura. Extremadura’s hydrogen will be evacuated north to H2med or other high-consumption areas like Andalusia’s hydrogen valley.

13.8% of Spain’s trunk network is in Extremadura. The pipelines will transport photovoltaic-generated hydrogen instead of fossil-fuel-generated gas.

The plan is to start the complete Spanish pipeline network “together” in 2030, however some sections may start earlier to serve hydrogen valleys. Due to its proximity to the Andalusian valley, Extremadura could be used to produce green hydrogen.

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