Ferrari Institute researches Hydrogen vehicles

The Ferrari school in Maranello is still making investments in the study of green transportation. At the offices of the Institute of Higher Education, a new project involving hydrogen has just begun. Hydrogen is one of the energy sources that has been the focus of recent research and innovation.

The project, which is supported by European Structural Funds through the National Operational Program “For school, skills, and learning environments” 2014-2020, calls for a thirty-hour commitment split between morning and afternoon activities outside of scheduled class times.

“Prof. Giacinto Massaro, the project’s coordinator, adds that after a preliminary period of theoretical instruction in the classroom, the students will engage in technical-practical activities. An expert and a tutor from the school will conduct instructional activities as part of the initiative. Then, outside experts, including past students from the institution, join the internal figures of our institute to share their research experiences and practical work in converting endothermic cars into hydrogen-powered ones. After completing the theoretical instruction and the practical component, students will have learned the necessary skills to operate a hydrogen system and evaluate or perform a hydrogen vehicle conversion “.

Luigi Zironi, the mayor of Maranello “Beyond the ideas it is able to convey to those who attend, a course of this kind is important because of the participation it has attracted. This initiative demonstrates the level of interest in the Ferrari Institute for Innovation, a crucial component in raising our kids’ knowledge of their own abilities and the world around them. Speaking in such detail about hydrogen cars and “clean” engine technology today not only helps students become more environmentally conscious citizens but also better equips them to deal with pressing concerns in their future careers. It is an additional gear in the race for the future of our region and its entrepreneurial fiber “.

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