Final turbine installed at Coopers Gap wind farm


AGL has installed the final turbine at Coopers Gap, completing the construction of Australia’s largest wind farm.

AGL head of construction Brian McEvoy said that the final blade at the 123rd wind turbine was hoisted by crane and mounted by the rigging team to the turbine hub.

“This is a significant milestone for everyone involved in the Coopers Gap Wind Farm project including the owner, the Powering Australian Renewables Fund.

“It continues a process that began in early 2018 and which included transporting more than 1,200 components more than 300 kilometers from the Port of Brisbane over a mountain range to the Darling Downs site, where the giant turbines were assembled and erected.

“The scale of the achievement is underlined by the fact that each of the blades are more than 60 meters long, the nacelle housing the generating parts weighed 90 tonnes, and they were lifted more than 100 meters into the air hundreds of times to be fitted.

Brian McEvoy, AGL head of construction.

Ninety-six of the 123 turbines are commissioned and 182 megawatts of electricity was generated into the national electricity grid as the wind farm steadily increased to a full capacity of 453 megawatts, enough renewable energy to power 264.000 Australian homes on average.

It is expected that the $850 million project will be completed in the second half of 2020.

Nedim Husomanovic

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