The goal of the memorandum of agreement signed by Fincantieri and Enel Green Power Italia is to provide an integrated solution for the production, supply, management, and use of green hydrogen in port regions and long-range maritime transport.

The two organizations want to leverage their respective sectors’ knowledge and know-how to develop potential sustainable and innovative solutions.

“The signing of this agreement” commented Carlo Zorzoli, Head of Business Development for Enel Green Power “represents a further step forward in Enel Green Power’s commitment to collaborating with operators interested in developing solutions for the use of green hydrogen in sectors where electrification is not possible, thus contributing to the energy transition process through the decarbonization of industrial activities”.

Laura Luigia Martini, CEO Business Advisor and Executive Vice President Corporate Business Development of Fincantieri, said: “The European goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 requires the creation of an industrial eco-system on which Fincantieri has been working concretely for some time through a series of operational agreements with the major Italian players for the realization of complex projects in a short time. In this way, we proactively respond not only to the Community demands that States must comply with, but we also consolidate our leadership position in the process towards a more sustainable economy and society”.

The two companies will assess the feasibility of collaborating on both the supply of green hydrogen to naval, submarine, and surface vessels, as well as industrial users within the port area, including the design and construction of necessary infrastructure elements, including storage, as well as the design and development of a system for managing energy flows, including the use of renewable energy sources.

Enel’s Eugenio Montale power plant in La Spezia (Liguria region) will serve as a pilot site for the agreement’s activities, establishing a roadmap for the site’s sustainable energy transition.

Hydrogen can make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of energy-intensive industries such as chemicals, aviation, maritime transport, and non-electrified railways in the context of the energy transition, provided it is produced sustainably. Enel Green Power is dedicated to the development and implementation of initiatives for the generation and use of ‘green’ or’renewable’ hydrogen obtained from the electrolysis of water using only renewable energy. As a result, the Group has begun exploring new business models, including the provision of green hydrogen for industrial decarbonization, with partnerships and projects now underway in Italy, Chile, the United States, and Spain.

This Memorandum of Understanding may be followed by subsequent enforceable agreements defined in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including those governing operations between related companies.

Nedim Husomanovic

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