Finland’s first green hydrogen facility starts construction

The first industrial-scale green hydrogen generation facility in Finland has begun construction, according to P2X Solutions, the facility’s eventual owner.

As a crucial power source that can assist Europe in ending its reliance on Russian energy and lowering carbon emissions, so-called green hydrogen is created by electrolyzing water using renewable energy.

Although many nations and businesses have recently announced investments in the generation of green hydrogen, few of the proposals are progressed.

The 20 megawatt hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Harjavalta, southwest Finland, will receive an investment of roughly 70 million euros ($76 million) from P2X Solutions, a private Finnish firm, according to a statement made last year.

Following its decision to stop using Russian gas due to the conflict in Ukraine, Finland announced plans in June to construct a hydrogen transmission network to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions and strengthen the long-term security of its energy sources.

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