First €30 million for green hydrogen demonstration projects


From June 21, the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) scheme is open with a new theme: Hydrogen and Green Chemistry.

The scheme supports companies and knowledge institutions in carrying out innovative demonstration projects that lead to CO2 reduction in 2030. For this purpose, € 30 million is available. Projects can apply for support in the area of production of hydrogen, transport and storage of hydrogen and the application of hydrogen. The scheme is open until January 10, 2023 and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy: “This is an important step in the upscaling of hydrogen applications. This is the first subsidy scheme to support demonstration projects for the upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry. These projects will then share their lessons with the R&D program of GroenvermogenNL. In this way, we will ensure that there is a strong foundation for hydrogen projects at scale.”

This scheme is part of the National Growth Fund program “Green Equity of the Dutch Economy” (GroenvermogenNL). The goal of this program is to accelerate the production, storage, transportation and application of green hydrogen by supporting innovation and cost reduction. GroenvermogenNL does this through three pillars:

  • Scaling up: the realization of hydrogen projects at scale;
  • Research and development: the coordination of research and innovation;
  • Knowledge development: labor capacity and knowledge through retraining and education.

For the first pillar, a total of €600 million has been made available by the government. Of this, in the first round of the National Growth Fund, €100 million was made available for small-scale pilot and demonstration projects. In the second round, it was announced in April that the cabinet will make €500 million available for significant upscaling of green hydrogen and green chemistry. The opening of the DEI+ theme Hydrogen and Green Chemistry with a budget of almost € 30 million gives the starting signal for the first pillar.

Marjan Oudeman, chairman of the board of GroenvermogenNL: “With this opening GroenvermogenNL really gets started. The research and development program will also start this summer. As the board, we encourage intensive knowledge exchange between the demonstration projects and the research.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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