First hydrogen-electric truck introduced by British EV firm Tevva

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The London-based truck manufacturer Tevva has introduced its first hydrogen-electric vehicle with a range of 310 miles (499 km).

The truck will be the first vehicle of its sort to be manufactured, designed, and mass-produced in the United Kingdom, according to the business.

The 7,500 kilogram vehicle, which will be unveiled today at the Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire, will be constructed in London’s Tilbury. The next year will see the release of 12 ton and 19 ton models.

The primary advantage of adding hydrogen into an electric truck is the energy density, which means that the system and energy do not add a significant amount of weight compared to a conventional battery. Some believe this has great promise for trucking operations that frequently make long-distance trips.

Hydrogen comes in the form of a gas and can be refueled in the same amount of time as a diesel truck, reducing the time required to refuel compared to electricity.

Tevva, whose name is derived from the Hebrew word for nature, recently raised £41 million to speed manufacture of its all-electric and electric-hydrogen 7.5-tonne trucks. Tevva has raised about $140 million (£115 million) to date.

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