First key milestone in development of hydrogen fuel cell

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp has built a workable single stack and system at operating temperature through bench testing. The company is developing a 4kW micro-combined heat and power (“Micro-CHP”) system for commercialization.

“Despite significant hurdles from covid-19 and the supply chain, our teams in Belgium and the Czech Republic were able to meet the first crucial milestone in the creation of our own hydrogen fuel cell on schedule.” Chief Executive Officer Frank Carnevale said. “AFCP is focused on profiting on that market transition to inexpensive, resilient, and renewable energy solutions for the people, as well as other CHP development prospects.”

Several significant milestones have been highlighted by the company in the development and marketing of a fully functional and integrated 4.4 kW Micro-CHP system. The technology will be a critical component of the Company’s future production capabilities and commercial offers.

The equipment worked as planned, with electrical and thermal outputs matching the Company’s initial projections. The new unit produced a constant and continuous output and could be turned on and off while maintaining the values and output specified in the design requirements.