First phase of UAE’s national hydrogen strategy complete

The first phase of the UAE’s national hydrogen strategy, which consists of ten pillars, has been completed, according to Sharif Al Olama, undersecretary of the ministry of energy and infrastructure for energy and petroleum affairs.

The strategy, which will be published the following year, is a thorough road map supported by several pillars that deal with international cooperation, funding, research and development, and the hydrogen industry.

The UAE aims to represent 25% of the major hydrogen markets worldwide, including India, South Korea, Japan, and Germany, by taking advantage of its unique geographic position as a gateway between the East and the West.

The UAE has access to natural resources including solar power and natural gas, which are used to create blue and green hydrogen, respectively. The UAE has in-depth understanding of solar energy and nuclear energy reactors, both of which might be used to produce pink hydrogen.

In order to strengthen its position as a leader in this industry, the UAE has developed a clear energy strategy based on producing hydrogen and diversifying its energy sources.

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