Fortescue Future Industries invests in Zhero

Fortescue Future Industries has made an investment in Zhero, a green hydrogen and renewable energy producer.

As Zhero gets closer to making a final investment choice for 5GW of innovative projects by 2026, FFI is partnering renewables investment firms Three Cairns Group and Galvanize Climate Solutions in a financial and shareholding agreement.

The initial investment made by Zhero will go to Tree Energy Solutions, whose goal is to quicken the construction of a German import plant. The company anticipates receiving its first shipment of green hydrogen into Wilhelmshaven in 2026.

In order to construct what it claims would be the greatest integrated green hydrogen project in the history of the planet and introduce green molecules to Europe, FFI earlier this month decided to invest 30 million euros ($46 million) in Tree Energy Solutions.

The collaborative development and investment in the supply of 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen is the partnership’s initial phase. FFI has also agreed to terms for a further 100 million euro ($154 million) investment in exchange for a sizeable participation in the development of the Wilhelmshaven terminal.