SinoHytec to provide 500 fuel cell engines to Yutong

Over the next 12 months, Yutong’s two manufacturing facilities in Zhengzhou, central Henan province, will receive 500 fuel cell engines from SinoHytec as well as supporting equipment.

Because the specifications for the engines and accompanying machinery have not yet been selected, the contract’s worth cannot now be estimated. Accordingly, the relevant price will only be settled before the actual purchase, it was stated. No more information was provided.

The agreement would enhance SinoHytec’s competitiveness, improve performance going forward, and increase brand recognition, according to the business, which recently launched a secondary offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange that could bring in up to HKD1.3 billion (USD166.8 million).

Jeju adds nine green hydrogen buses

Nine hydrogen buses will ferry commuters from Hamdeok, on the northeastern coast of Jeju, a popular tourist destination in southern South Korea, to a forested park region, and back.

Green hydrogen is a form of hydrogen fuel that is produced entirely without the usage of fossil fuels. Utilizing electrolysis, green hydrogen separates water into solely hydrogen and oxygen.

Jeju has been utilized as a testbed for green vehicles like hydrogen and electric cars since it has comparatively significant bus schedule gaps in comparison to other cities. A green hydrogen fueling station will be run in Hamdeok beginning in March 2023, according to a statement from Jeju. Up to one ton of green hydrogen per day will be produced by a green hydrogen production plant that has been erected in the northeastern region of Gujwa.

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