TES and Energie 360° join forces to provide green energy to industries

TES and Energie 360° join forces to provide green energy to industries. By 2040, Energie 360° wants to only use renewable energy to power its customers’ homes.

Aiming to reach net-zero emissions in the future by decarbonizing the energy supply chain, TES is a global green hydrogen enterprise.

Both businesses want to assist one another in accomplishing their objectives: Starting in 2027, TES plans to provide Energie 360° with about one terawatt hour (TWh) of eNG (renewable synthetic methane) per year. In exchange, Energie 360 hopes to provide TES with renewable CO2. The two businesses have agreed on this by signing a letter of intent.

TES’s primary objective is to speed up the energy transition by supplying clients with green synthetic methane using the current global energy infrastructure (eNG). This is created by fusing green hydrogen with carbon dioxide.

TES seeks to provide Energie 360° with eNG made in areas with abundant renewable energy sources. Energie 360° requests renewable CO2 in exchange, such as that produced by its own power plants. This establishes and keeps a closed loop in place.

REV division Capacity Trucks to unveil Zero Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric truck

At the forthcoming Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Conference, which will take place from February 27 to March 1 in Orlando, Florida, Capacity Trucks, a division of REV Group, will unveil its new Zero Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric (H2) terminal truck.

This cutting-edge terminal truck, with a GCVWR of up to 180,000 pounds, is intended to run for at least one complete shift without refueling. The same amount of time as it takes to refuel a conventional diesel truck, the H2 truck may be refueled in as little as 15 minutes. This new series of yard trucks has a fresh exterior and cab design in addition to the exclusive Dura-Ride air ride suspension from Capacity.

Dansk Fjernvarme joins Danish Hydrogen Alliance

Dansk Fjernvarme has joined the Danish Hydrogen Alliance, increasing its membership yet further. To fully utilize Denmark’s potential for future green hydrogen and PtX generation, the district heating industry there is a crucial link in the value chain.

The Danish Hydrogen Alliance, a strategic alliance, unites a number of important actors that are all committed to supporting the Danish industrial growth and scaling up of green hydrogen and Power-to-X. The Danish Hydrogen Alliance aims to solidify Denmark’s position as a pioneering nation in a brand-new industrial initiative.

Now that Dansk Fjernvarme has joined the strategic partnership, the Danish Hydrogen Alliance is strengthened. Dansk Fjernvarme offers expertise from a solid infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for, among other things, utilizing the waste heat from the manufacture of hydrogen and PtX and supplying biogenic CO2 for the creation of green fuels. Danish district heating is a singular success that benefits the green transition and efficiently uses resources for the sake of supply security.

Valenciaport Foundation test ReachStacker hydrogen device for handling containers in Germany

In order to test the functionality of the hydrogen ReachStacker that Hyster is developing within the European project H2PORTS, a delegation made up of personnel from the Valenciaport Foundation, the MSCTV terminal, and representatives of the Valencian stevedores visited the Hyster-Yale Group facilities in Weeze (Germany). It is a container handling machine intended for short distance container movement.

According to the Valenciaport Foundation, the main goal of this visit is for the group of stevedores and the terminal staff to spend as much time as possible with the machine getting acquainted with how it works and being able to spot any potential adjustments that need to be made before it is sent to the Port of Valencia to begin the testing phase in actual operations.

The group got online training on February 10 to prepare for this visit, covering the technical specifications of the ReachStacker, expectations for managing the truck, and deployment strategy.After arriving at the MSCTV port, this hydrogen-powered ReachStacker will undergo two years of actual use testing before going into service.

SFC Energy wins follow-up fuel cell order in Poland

Linc Poland has given SFC Energy another order. The Poznan-based security firm is investing more than EUR 1 million in the purchase of EFOY Pro 2800 series fuel cells.

The company, which specializes in civil surveillance technology, powers its mobile iTower camera towers entirely on SFC Energy’s EFOY fuel cells. Large areas, such industrial facilities, festival grounds, or building sites, can be remotely monitored in real-time using Linc Polska’s iTowers, which are managed by a cloud application.

The systems must be able to operate reliably with a constant power source. The EFOY fuel cells from SFC Energy carry out this task. Whenever, everywhere, they consistently provide the iTower applications with green power. They are therefore the perfect alternative to old diesel generators. EFOY fuel cells are substantially more fuel-efficient than diesel generators, run at a lower noise level, and don’t release any toxic exhaust gases like nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), or particulates.

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