Green hydrogen prices in Azerbaijan may be competitive on a level basis

With the comparatively low cost of producing renewable energy, the leveled cost of green hydrogen (LCOH) in Azerbaijan can be competitive with other markets, according to Kamran Huseynov, deputy director of the Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency (AREA) under the Ministry of Energy.

At a panel discussion on “Hydrogen as a tool for the transition to clean energy” during the seminar with the theme “Green Hydrogen – Road to Decarbonization,” Huseynov made the statement.

Green hydrogen may be used in Azerbaijan for the synthesis of methanol and ammonia, as well as for power generation and central heating, according to him.

Wingcopter and Zal work on hydrogen powered drones

Wingcopter, a company that creates unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and Germany’s Zal Center of Applied Aviation Research GmbH have teamed together to examine the possibility of using hydrogen power for Wingcopter’s drones.

Since these drones are already electric, the introduction of a hydrogen-based propulsion system could pave the way for environmentally friendly propulsion for the upcoming generation of deliveries, research, surveying, agricultural, and other uses.

The businesses are aiming to convert the Wingcopter 198 drone, which now runs on batteries, to run on hydrogen. Longer ranges and higher speeds for drones may also result from this, which would remove one of the present obstacles to this kind of transportation.

In Hamburg, Germany, at Zal’s fuel cell facility, the engine will be modified. The delivery drone ecology of Wingcopter will work with the hydrogen solution being created while maintaining the UAS’s ability to fly.

EU funding for charging points and hydrogen refueling stations

The installation of alternative fuel infrastructure along the trans-European transportation network has been funded by the European Commission through the selection of 26 projects from 12 Member States (Germany, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Sweden) (TEN-T).

Under the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Fund (AFIF), which combines grants from the Connecting Europe Facility with funding from financial institutions to boost the impact of projects, these nations will together receive roughly €189 million in grants from the EU.

Avezzano gets its first hydrogen refueling station

The Ministry of Transport stated that Avezzano will host the first hydrogen service station.

Simone Angelosante, the head of the Valore è Abruzzo federated with the Forza Italia council group in the Regional Council, made this declaration.

The project will have an impact on the area and is one of the 36 initiatives funded with money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. It calls for SNAM to build a hydrogen service station for heavy cars in the vicinity of the sorting center.

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