Fuel cell solution for automated hydrogen warehouse robots (AGV)

myFC, a Swedish fuel cell firm, has signed an agreement with a renowned European OEM to develop fuel cell solutions for autonomous warehouse robots, or AGVs.

The agreement calls for the study and evaluation of the feasibility of driving AGVs using myFC’s unique hybrid solution for fuel cells and batteries. The deal lays the groundwork for myFC’s next commercial phase.

The partnership represents a significant strategic move for myFC in the prioritized segment of intralogistics. According to laboratory testing, myFC’s innovative hybrid solution for fuel cells and batteries enables AGVs to operate substantially longer than conventional battery solutions for autonomous trucks.

Increased operational duration allows for a reduction in the number of storage robots while maintaining productivity. Combining battery and fuel cell operation also reduces the driveline’s vulnerability in areas with low temperatures, such as food handling.

Additionally, the hybrid approach improves the life of the batteries, lowering the AGVs’ operational costs. Hydrogen operation alone minimizes a company’s carbon footprint.

myFC’s unique technology for thin, modular, and scalable fuel cells – in contrast to the stacked fuel cells currently on the market – is well suited for applications with limited space and a need for formability, such as autonomous warehouse robots.

According to Michael Glantz, CEO of myFC, the global logistics industry is undergoing a change and investing in sustainable automation to boost competitiveness through efficiency gains while maintaining product quality.

“We see that the degree of automation will increase further in that industry, as part of the industrial transformation with a focus on sustainability that the entire mobility industry and our entire transport system is undergoing,” says Michael Glantz.

The agreement means that myFC has found a strong partner for the development of the fast-growing intralogistics industry and its sustainable applications for warehousing and goods handling.
 – I have great confidence in that this now written agreement will lead to a commercial agreement, says Michael Glantz.

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