Fusion Fuel Green and BGR Energy Systems developing green hydrogen in India


Fusion Fuel Green has signed an MoU with BGR Energy Systems (BGRENERGY) to develop green hydrogen projects in India.

The companies aim to set up an initial demonstrator plant in India in 2021 and then expand broader ventures in the area for the supply of hydrogen for the manufacture of green ammonia and bio-ethanol and as feedstock for other heavy industrial applications.

In the second half of2021, Fusion Fuel will install a small demonstrator facility for BGR Energy in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India, using its market-leading HEVO-SOLAR technology to produce cost-effective green hydrogen.

Hydrogen already plays a vital role in the Indian economy, with about 6 million tons of hydrogen used annually, mainly in the manufacture of ammonia and methanol, as well as for use in refineries. A recent report by the Energy and Resources Institute predicted that demand could rise to as much as 28 million tons by 2050.

Almost all of the hydrogen used in India today is grey hydrogen, which releases about 9 tons of CO2 per ton of hydrogen. Enabling cost-effective domestic development of green hydrogen would be crucial to reducing the carbon intensity of heavy industry and helping India meet its energy security and pollution goals.

“We are excited to open up this new market for Fusion Fuel and develop India as a leader of the global hydrogen economy. We could not ask for a better partner in this undertaking than BGR Energy, with its extensive experience developing turnkey solutions in India’s power and industrial sector.”

João Wahnon, Fusion Fuel’s Head of business development.

“BGR Energy has long been an innovator in India’s energy and industrial sectors, and we are excited now to be taking these steps to establish a foothold in the burgeoning green hydrogen industry. We look forward to working with Fusion Fuel to scale the development of local green hydrogen production and play a leading role in creating a green hydrogen ecosystem in the region.”

Arjun Govind Raghupathy, managing director of BGR Energy.
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