Joo Pedro Matos Fernandes, Portugal’s Minister of the Environment and Energy Transition, and Joo Galamba, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Energy, attended an event hosted by Fusion Fuel Green at its H2Évora green hydrogen demonstration plant in Évora, Portugal.

Additionally in attendance were the Mayor of Évora, Carlos Pinto de Sá, the Moroccan Ambassador to Portugal, Othmane Bahnini, and a representative from the Australian Embassy in Lisbon, all of whom joined due to Fusion Fuel’s large-scale projects and strategic partnerships in their respective countries.

Fusion Fuel’s Évora Project’s Phase I has 15 HEVO-SOLAR units that will generate 15 tons of green hydrogen yearly and save the release of 135 tons of CO2. This hydrogen will be stored and converted to renewable electricity via a fuel cell supplied by Ballard Power Systems, and then sent into the grid during peak demand periods. Fusion Fuel’s solar-to-hydrogen HEVO technology and Ballard’s FC Wave fuel cell will be integrated to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a green energy storage vector and “off-grid” power supply.

This project in Évora kicks off a series of utility-scale green hydrogen initiatives across the country, including in Sines and Portalegre, and ushers in a new era of innovation in clean hydrogen technology in Portugal. Fusion Fuel’s new production plant in Benavente will manufacture all of the technologies needed in these projects.

Speaking about the project, João Wahnon, Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel, commented “We are thrilled to have our partners for this project, Ballard and PRF, which has created the hydrogen piping network at H2Évora, here with us today. This project is an important milestone for Fusion Fuel and will serve as the platform for the larger, more strategic projects that we have been working on over the last years. The visit from the Minister and the Secretary of State not only highlights Portugal’s commitment to the green hydrogen economy but also underscores Fusion Fuel’s own commitment to making Portugal’s green hydrogen aspirations a near-term reality.”

João Pedro Matos Fernandes, the Portuguese Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, added: “These projects that were presented today by Fusion Fuel make us believe in two things: that it is possible to produce green hydrogen in Portugal and above all using Portuguese technology. What we have seen here today is absolutely innovative and revolutionary, and it is this same technology that is fundamental to achieving Portugal’s hydrogen objectives and will enable us to establish a large green hydrogen export market in the near future.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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