Future with hydrogen

A total of three young adults have started their vocational training at H-TEC SYSTEMS in Augsburg. The company offers training in both mechatronics and technical product design.

In this way, the hydrogen specialist is meeting an important qualification requirement for young skilled workers in the sought-after segment of renewable energies and the use of system-relevant future technologies. The training capacities at H-TEC SYSTEMS will be further expanded in the future.

“This year, we welcome three new trainees to H-TEC SYSTEMS for the first time and look forward to successfully accompanying and supporting them as they start their careers in the coming years. In cooperation with MAN Energy Solutions, we have a training concept that prepares our young professionals in the best possible way for the innovative professional environment,” says Larissa Schultze, training supervisor at H-TEC SYSTEMS.

H-TEC SYSTEMS’ technical trainees spend their first 1.5 years at the MAN training center, where they learn the basics of technical training. “We are very pleased to be able to bring our many years of experience in training highly qualified young specialists to the training of our colleagues at H-TEC SYSTEMS,” says Jörg Widemann, head of the MAN Training Center. “Hydrogen is a topic for the future – for MAN Energy Solutions and for society as a whole, and it’s great that we’re also contributing to the company’s decarbonization strategy through training.”

The second half of the vocational training program is completed directly at the hydrogen company H-TEC SYSTEMS, where what is learned is immediately put into practice. In the process, the trainees pass through various areas of the professional field.

For the hydrogen company, training its own young professionals is an important success factor. “The hydrogen industry is developing rapidly. In order to be able to exploit the potential of the energy carrier of the future, we need appropriately qualified specialists in the field,” explains Michael Kraus, Head of HR at H-TEC SYSTEMS. “The energy transition is an important topic, especially for young people, and is also playing an increasingly important role in career choices. We are pleased that we are now giving three young people the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the energy transition with their career start.”

Technical innovation and the development of corresponding expertise in the field of hydrogen technologies have been core competencies at H-TEC SYSTEMS since the company was founded. As technological pioneers with more than twenty-five years of experience, the specialists are shaping the hydrogen economy and working for a successful energy transition across all sectors.

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